Academic Recognition

Capilano University Scholar Athlete of the Year Recipients:

2016: Steven Trinh
Cassidy Kapaiwai and Mike Hale
2014: Jacqueline Caverly and Jagdeep Sangah
2013: Jacqueline Caverly and Ben Ta
2012: Jacqueline Caverly and William Westcott
2011: Jacqueline Caverly and Connor Mahannah
2010: Courtney De Vries and Connor Mahannah
2009: Alia Rayan and Connor Mahannah
2008: Cathy Leung and Michael Tran
2007: Kathleen Mahannah and Benjamin Epp
2006: Kathleen Mahannah and Mike Groff
2005: Sofia Hidalgo and Sean Aiken
2004: Michelle Alblas and Sean Aiken
2003: Melissa and Michelle Alblas and Martin Owen
2002: Shannon Collier and Mark Roberts
2001: Janine Almeida and Steve McKay
2000: Janine Almeida and Michael Clay
1999: Allison Roberts and Sean Kask
1998: Jenny Rustemeyer and Colin Clay
1997: Lindsay Brown and Theran Taylor
1996: Karen Lee and Steve Spence
1995: Krista Freeman and Craig Dalrymple
1994: Lisa Armstrong and Nico Berg 

CCAA Academic All-Canadian Recipients

2015-16: Michelle Errico (WBB)
2014-15: Michelle Errico (WBB)
2013-14: Elise Horton (WBB) and Jacqueline Caverly (WVB)
 Jacqueline Caverly (WVB)
Rosalynn Chong (BAD), Jenna Ralston (WBB), Jennifer Bodnar (WBB), Michelle Torresan (WVB) and Jacqueline Caverly (WVB)
Jenna Ralston (WBB), Michelle Torresan (WVB), Adam Staschuk (MSOC) and Ashley Cousens (WVB)
2009-10: Robinder Basaran (MSOC), Faith Williams (WSOC) and Michelle Torresan (WVB)
Ricardo Teixeira (MSOC), Kimberley March (WSOC) and Sasha Oness (WSOC)
Gemma Pollock (WSOC), Karlee Michelle Diesing (WVB) and Dominique Emmanuel Denguessi (MVB)
2006-07: Tashina Vanvlack (WBB), Sasha Oness (WSOC), Benjamin Epp (MVB) and Kathleen Mahannah (WVB)
2005-06: Michelle Alblas (WVB), Danielle Wilson (WSOC) and Adrian Kekec (MSOC)
2004-05: Sofia Hidalgo (WSOC), Lindsay Sadgrove (WSOC) and Michelle Alblas (WVB) 
2003-04: Deanna Palmieri (WSOC), Sofia Hidalgo (WSOC) and Michelle Alblas (WVB) 
2002-03: Gillian Hilliard (WVB), Dana Rudd (WVB) and Adrianne Johnson (WSOC)
2000-01: Janine Almeida (WVB)
1999-00: Janine Almeida (WVB)
1998-99: Allison Roberts (WBB) and Allison Patterson (BAD)

PACWEST Academic Excellence Award Recipients:

Jennafer Palma, Michelle Errico, Jenelle Gunther and Mika Chow
 Ashley de la Cruz Yip, Michelle Errico, Cassidy Kapaiwai, Carmel M'Bikata, Delaney Steel, Parm Rai, Dylan Van As, Matt Fuji, Mika Chow, Kendra Stoner, Ryan James Ramsey, Tristan Stanjeck
2013-2014: Jennafer Palma, Colleen O’Melinn, Daniel Dubois, Jen Marsh and Daniella Trevisan, Ben Ta, Mika Chow, Sara Pettersson, Jacqueline Caverly
2012-2013: Faith Williams, Jacqueline Caverly, Rhiannon Paterson, Mika Chow, Ben Ta, Garrett Lavalley
2011-2012: Jenna Ralston, Michael Steele, Lucas Wera, Daniel Zayonc, Sarah Thompson, William Westcott, Adam Staschuk, Alicia Catalano, Jacqueline Caverly, Ashley Cousens, Michelle Torresan 
2010-2011: Connor Mahannah, Jacqueline Caverly, Michelle Torresan
2009-2010: Hannah Ng, Peter Huang, Connor Mahannah, Courtney DeVries, Kristie Lum, Michelle Torresan
2008-2009: Cody Knight, Hannah Ng, Cathy Leaung, Sasha Oness, Gemma Pollock, Meghan Best, Kimberley March, Michelle Torresan, Alia Yayan, Karlee Diesing 
2007-2008: Michael Tran, Hannah Ng, Meghan Best, Danielle Elyse Bouchard, Chehalis Costigan, Sasha Oness, Gemma Pollock, Benjamin Epp, Karlee Diesing
2006-2007: Hannah Ng, Diana Doan, Tashina Vanvlack, Danielle Wilson, Kathleen Mahannah
2005-2006: Michelle Alblas, Giancarlo Brancati, Mike Groff, Adrian Kekec, Danielle Wilson 
2004-2005: Melissa Albas, Sean Aiken, Sofia Hidalgo, Michelle Albas
2003-2004: Melissa Albas, Sean Aiken, Sofia Hidalgo, Michelle Albas
2002-2003: Sofia Hidalgo and Martin Owen