Job Opportunities

Student Weight Room Monitor

The Department of Athletics and Recreation is currently seeking student help as Weight Room Monitors.  This position reports to the Athletics and Recreation Officer in the Department of Athletics and Recreation.

The Weight Room Monitor will be required to cover shifts in the Weight room during the period Monday to Thursday from 11:00am - 7:00pm and Friday 11:00am - 4pm. The shifts will cover the peak periods for the Fall term from September 11 – December 4th, the last day of classes. This position is the key liaison between the user groups and the Facility Attendant on duty and the administration of the department. The Weight Room Monitor must be able to think and respond quickly, effectively and creatively in order to provide responsible customer service. This position could require moderate physical demands.

Position Description:

Summary of Key Responsibilities (job functions include but are not limited to):

  • Oversee and assist patrons using the Weight Room
  • Provide friendly customer service
  • Light equipment cleaning
  • Monitor sound system
  • Responsible for ensuring the safety, risk management, and guest services needs of the weight room user groups are met
  • Ensure equipment is in safe and working order and respond appropriately when equipment is not available for use
  • Report to the Attendant on duty any machinery deficiencies in a timely manner
  • Provide input for improvement and changes to enhance the weight room

Qualifications/ Requirements:

  • 2nd year Human Kinetics or equivalent is a definite asset
  • Strong customer service skills are required
  • CFC, CSEP and AFLCA certification an asset
  • SFA and CPR certifications an asset
  • Some previous experience as a weight room attendant is preferred

Pay: $12.50/hour - 2-hour shifts

Reports to: Athletics and Recreation Officer

To apply, please email your resume to CJ Pentland, Athletics & Recreation Officer, at

CapU Blues Game Day Jobs

General Expectations of all CapU Game Day Employees

  • Ability to work within a team
  • Provide exceptional customer service with strong inter-personal and communication skills
  • Knowledge of basketball and volleyball game rules (i.e. FIBA / FIVA)
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Active participant in problem solving
  • Capable of multi-tasking and managing multiple priorities
  • Ability to stand and sit for extended periods of time; ability to lift and move equipment as required
  • High degree of attention to detail
  • Work within a fast-paced environment
  • Passion for sports, recreation, and professional development and growth
  • Ability to work evenings, weekends, and some holidays with a flexible schedule
  • Attend training session/orientations
  • Arrive on-time

For more information on the below job positions, or to submit a resume, please email Athletic Events & Sport Development Officer Chris Raeside at

Cybersport Operator

Position Overview

The Cybersport Operator is responsible for tracking all required statistical information and date with the use of CyberSports. A strong understanding of the rules of basketball/volleyball and an attention to detail and accuracy is essential. High proficiency in data entry is desired as this individual has to quickly transfer game related statistics into the stats software module.

Summary of Key Responsibilities

  • Accurately setup game file for each match
  • Ensure accurate tracking of statistics
  • Print and provide copies of the statistics to coaches at half-time and at the end of the match
  • Work with scorekeeper to ensure accurate results
  • Finalize BBG file at the end of the match and deliver it to the event coordinator


Cybersport Spotter

Position Overview

As the Cybersport Spotter, your role is to support the Cybersport Operator by communicating play by play details and providing statistical information such as rebounds, assists, fouls, steals, etc. 

Summary of Key Responsibilities

  • Support the Cybersport operator to ensure accurate statistics


Scoreboard Operator

Position Overview

The Scoreboard Operator is responsible for the operation of the digital/electronic scoreboard. This is position is also responsible for leading and organizing the entire score table crew including Announcer, Scorekeeper, Stats keeper.  An in depth knowledge of basketball and volleyball is an asset. 

Summary of Key Responsibilities

  • Program board at the start of the game
  • Ensure scoreboard accurately reflects the state of the match at all times
  • Manage game clock
  • Update possession arrow (basketball only)
  • Troubleshoot issues if they arise
  • Be aware of the state of the scorebot, it should have a green blinking light at all times



Position Overview

The scorekeeper is responsible for completing the game scoresheet in accordance to PACWEST/ CCAA sport specific rules. Knowledge of FIBA and FIVB rules is an asset. It includes entering team line-ups/rosters, running tally of the game scores, player points, tracking personal fouls (if applicable), timeouts, etc.

Summary of Key Responsibilities

  • Accurately record the game
  • Follow PACWEST/CCAA scoresheet procedures
  • Ensure coaches sign the scoresheet
  • Ensure officials sign and look over the scoresheet
  • Deliver scoresheet to event coordinator


Shot Clock Operator

Position Overview

The shot clock operator is responsible for the operation of the 24 second and 14 second resets of the shotclock. An in depth knowledge of basketball is an asset.

Summary of Key Responsibilities

  • Reset the shot clock to either 24 or 14 depending on the play. Note: offensive rebounds are the only time a 14 second reset will be used



Position Overview

This position is the voice of the Blues, which plays a very important role during our game operations. You will introduce teams, announce the score, promote and explain events, and thank sponsors. A strong microphone presence is essential.

Summary of Key Responsibilities

  • Control music before, after, and throughout the match
  • Provide appropriate commentary
  • Act professionally and always treat the opposing team with respect


Gate Attendant

Position Overview

As the Gate Attendant, you are the “face of Athletics” - because the public deals with you first, you have a very important job. You sell tickets and set-up displays, handle all promotions/draw boxes, and fill out summary sheets for attendance and any other duties as required. Cash handling experience is an asset.

Summary of Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure guests have a ticket and/or pay before entering gymnasium
  • Accurately track attendance
  • Follow safe cash handling procedures
  • Provide guests with rosters
  • Manage the concession when required
  • Answer guest questions


3-Ball Crew

Position Overview

Members of the 3-Ball Crew are responsible for facilitating and carry-out the “3 ball system” for the spot of volleyball. Individuals will be responsible for collecting balls not in play, providing the serving team with a ball when requested, clean the volleyball court of debris, wet spots, objections to ensure the safety of the players and officials.

Summary of Key Responsibilities

  • Pass volleyball to the serving player
  • Retrieve volleyball once point ends
  • Clean volleyballs with a towel through the match



Position Overview

The webcasting/video position is responsible for setting up, operating, tearing down, and cleaning up the webcasting and video broadcast system. This includes but is not limited to the webcasting machine, cameras, tripods, scorebots and other equipment as required. Technical knowledge and a passion for sport are an asset.

Summary of Key Responsibilities

  • Setup and manage the webcast
  • Ensure scorebot is operating properly
  • Play media throughout the match during appropriate periods
  • Provide both coaches with a copy of the game tape (they must bring their own USB)
  • Control the camera and follow play (basketball)
  • Troubleshoot as required