Capilano Blues Coaching History

CCAA Coach of the Year

2016-17: Paul Dailly, Men's Soccer
2007-08: James Sneddon, Men's Volleyball
2007-08: Paul Dailly, Men's Soccer
1991-92: Joe Iacobellis, Men's Soccer

Total to date - 4 CCAA National Coach of the Year Awards

Totem/BCCAA/PACWEST Coach of the Year

2017-18: Emmanuel Denguessi, Men's Volleyball
2017-18Paul Dailly, Men's Soccer
2016-17: Ramin Sadaghiani, Women's Basketball
2016-17: Paul Dailly, Men's Soccer
2015-16: Paul Dailly, Men's Soccer
2012-13: Nathan Bennett, Men's Volleyball
2011-12: Wayne Desjardins, Women's Volleyball
2009-10: Wayne Desjardins, Women's Volleyball
2007-08: James Sneddon, Men's Volleyball
2007-08: Paul Dailly, Men's Soccer
2006-07: Wayne Desjardins, Women's Volleyball
2005-06: Paul Dailly, Men's Soccer
2004-05: Paul Dailly, Men's Soccer
2003-04: Paul Dailly, Men's Soccer
2003-04: Doug Abercrombie, Women's Soccer
2002-03: Doug Abercrombie, Women's Soccer
2002-03: Joe Iacobellis, Men's Soccer
1996-97: Greg Zavediuk, Women's Basketball
1995-96: Phil Langley, Men's Basketball
1991-92: Joe Iacobellis, Men's Soccer
1990-91: Frank Pupp, Women's Soccer

Total to date - 21 PACWEST/BCCAA Coach of the Year Awards

CCAA National Athletic Director of the Year

2008-09: Joe Iacobellis