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Yr. Ht. Hometown/High School
No.: 12 Jenn Bodnar full bio Jenn Bodnar Pos.: Guard Yr.: 4 Ht.: 5'6" Hometown/High School: Agassiz / Agassiz Secondary
No.: 13 Hayley Boulier full bio Hayley Boulier Pos.: Forward Yr.: 1 Ht.: 6'1" Hometown/High School: North / Windsor Secondary
No.: 9 Gina Costantino full bio Gina Costantino Pos.: Guard Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'6" Hometown/High School: North / St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary
No.: 23 Jessica Daigneault full bio Jessica Daigneault Pos.: Guard Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5'6" Hometown/High School: Chilliwack / Mission Secondary
No.: 10 Michelle Errico full bio Michelle Errico Pos.: Guard Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5'6" Hometown/High School: North / Argyle Secondary
No.: 15 Alynn McNeilly full bio Alynn McNeilly Pos.: Forward Yr.: 3 Ht.: 5'10" Hometown/High School: Vancouver / Windermere Secondary
No.: 5 Jennafer Palma full bio Jennafer Palma Pos.: Guard Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5'2" Hometown/High School: Vancouver / Notre Dame Secondary
No.: 4 Amber Pedersen full bio Amber Pedersen Pos.: Forward Yr.: 2 Ht.: 6'3" Hometown/High School: Langley / DW Poppy Secondary
No.: 14 Jenna Ralston full bio Jenna Ralston Pos.: Forward Yr.: 5 Ht.: 5'10" Hometown/High School: Mission / Heritage Park Secondary
No.: 22 Charan Randhawa full bio Charan Randhawa Pos.: Guard Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'4" Hometown/High School: Vancouver / John Oliver Secondary
No.: 7 Monika Starczynowski full bio Monika Starczynowski Pos.: Guard Yr.: 5 Ht.: 5'6" Hometown/High School: Surrey / Holy Cross Secondary
No.: 6 Kayla Thomas full bio Kayla Thomas Pos.: Guard Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'7" Hometown/High School: Mission / Mission Secondary