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History of the Capilano University Blues

Capilano University Blues Athletics has a long and rich history of success. Since 1973, Capilano has taken home many provincial and national titles, Coach of the Year and Athlete of the Year awards, CCAA All-Canadian distinctions, and Aggregate championships. In 1999, we were honoured to be awarded the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Soccer Supremacy Award, which was presented to the CCAA's most successful men's and women's soccer program between 1974-1999.

Many fine student-athletes have graced the athletic halls of Capilano University and have gone on to great heights in their athletic, professional, and social endeavours. It is with great pride that we display our championship achievements and the coaches who have guided the teams to numerous winning seasons.

Below each subsection is a link to an expanded page of history and accolades.

Team History

CCAA National Titles

2019-20: Men's Volleyball - Head Coach, Dave Dooley - Team Roster
 Men's Doubles Badminton - Peter Huang and Jacky Ruan
2008-09: Men's Soccer - Head Coach, Paul Dailly - Team Roster
2005-06: Men's Singles Badminton - Kiran Bogavelli
2003-04: Men's Soccer - Head Coach, Paul Dailly - Team Roster
2002-03: Men's Singles Badminton - Kiran Bogavelli
2001-02: Women's Soccer - Head Coach, Doug Abercrombie - Team Roster
2000-01: Women's Soccer - Head Coach, Doug Abercrombie - Team Roster
1998-99: Women's Soccer - Head Coach, Doug Abercrombie - Team Roster
1996-97: Men's Soccer - Head Coach, Saibo Talic - Team Roster
1996-97: Women's Soccer - Head Coach, Doug Abercrombie - Team Roster
1995-96:  Women's Soccer - Head Coach, Doug Abercrombie - Team Roster
1991-92: Men's Soccer - Head Coach, Joe Iacobellis - Team Roster
1990-91: Men's Soccer - Head Coach, Joe Iacobellis - Team Roster
1988-89: Men's Soccer - Head Coach, Joe Iacobellis - Team Roster

Total to date - 15 National CCAA Championships

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Individual Athletic Accomplishments

CCAA Hall of Fame Inductees

2017Melissa Artuso, Women's Soccer - Athlete
Doug Abercrombie, Women's Soccer - Coach
Joe Iacobellis, Men's Soccer - Coach

CCAA National Player of the Year

2018-19: Keith Jackson (MSC)
2017-18: Simon Friesen (MVB)
2008-09: Karlee Diesing (WVB)
2007-08: Corey Birza (MSOC)
2006-07: Kiran Bogavelli (BAD)
2006-07: Jennifer Dickson (WVB)
2001-02: Sarah Regan (WSC)
1996-97: Melissa Artuso (WSC)

Total to date - 8 CCAA National Players of the Year

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Coaching Accomplishments

CCAA Coach of the Year

2016-17: Paul Dailly, Men's Soccer
2007-08: James Sneddon, Men's Volleyball
2007-08: Paul Dailly, Men's Soccer
1991-92: Joe Iacobellis, Men's Soccer

Total to date - 4 CCAA National Coach of the Year Awards

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Academic Accomplishments

CCAA Academic All-Canadians

2019-20: Alanah Dulong (WSC)
Natalie LeClerc (WSC)
Meghan Koven (WVB)
Brooklynn Doucette (WSC)
Keith Jackson (MSC)
Natalie LeClerc (WSC)
Isabela Lima (WVB)
Jaimi MacCara (WSC)
2017-18: Ashley dela Cruz Yip (WBB)
Keith Jackson (MSC)
Isabela Lima (WVB)
Tyneille Neufeld (WVB)
Claire Ye (WSC)
2016-17: Ashley dela Cruz Yip (WBB)
2016-17: Sherrie Errico (WBB)
2016-17: Taylor Einhorn (WSC)
2016-17: Keith Jackson (MSC)
2016-17: Devan Woolley (MSC)
2016-17: Tyneille Neufeld (WVB)
2016-17: Sarah Hughes (WVB)
2015-16: Michelle Errico (WBB)
2014-15: Michelle Errico (WBB)
2013-14: Elise Horton (WBB)
2013-14: Jacqueline Caverly (WVB)
 Jacqueline Caverly (WVB)
Rosalynn Chong (BAD)
2011-12: Jenna Ralston (WBB)
2011-12: Jennifer Bodnar (WBB)
2011-12: Michelle Torresan (WVB)
2011-12: Jacqueline Caverly (WVB)
Jenna Ralston (WBB)
2010-11: Michelle Torresan (WVB)
2010-11: Adam Staschuk (MSC)
2010-11: Ashley Cousens (WVB)
2009-10: Robinder Basran (MSC)
2009-10: Faith Williams (WSC)
2009-10: Michelle Torresan (WVB)
Ricardo Teixeira (MSC)
2008-09: Kimberley March (WSC)
2008-09: Sasha Oness (WSC)
Gemma Pollock (WSC)
2007-08: Karlee Diesing (WVB)
2007-08: Emmanuel Denguessi (MVB)
2006-07: Tashina Vanvlack (WBB)
2006-07: Sasha Oness (WSC)
2006-07: Benjamin Epp (MVB)
2006-07: Kathleen Mahannah (WVB)
2005-06: Michelle Alblas (WVB)
2005-06: Danielle Wilson (WSC)
2005-06: Adrian Kekec (MSC)
2004-05: Sofia Hidalgo (WSC)
2004-05: Lindsay Sadgrove (WSC)
2004-05: Michelle Alblas (WVB)
2003-04: Deanna Palmieri (WSC)
2003-04: Sofia Hidalgo (WSC)
2003-04: Michelle Alblas (WVB) 
2002-03: Gillian Hilliard (WVB)
2002-03: Dana Rudd (WVB)
2002-03: Adrianne Johnson (WSC)
2000-01: Janine Almeida (WVB)
1999-00: Janine Almeida (WVB)
1998-99: Allison Roberts (WBB)
1998-99: Allison Patterson (BAD)

Total to date - 63 Academic All-Canadians

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Capilano Blues All-Time Leaders

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