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2001-02 Capilano Blues Women's Volleyball Roster

Yr. Ht. Hometown/High School
No.: 1 Crystal Bradstock full bio Crystal Bradstock Pos.: Power Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5’9” Hometown/High School: Richmond / Cambie
No.: 3 Nancy Leung full bio Nancy Leung Pos.: Libero Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5’4” Hometown/High School: Vancouver / Britannia
No.: 4 Gillian Hilliard full bio Gillian Hilliard Pos.: Power Yr.: 3 Ht.: 6’0” Hometown/High School: North Vancouver / Sutherland
No.: 5 Wei Chai full bio Wei Chai Pos.: Libero Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5’7” Hometown/High School: Chilliwack / Chilliwack
No.: 7 Shannon Collier full bio Shannon Collier Pos.: Right Side Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5’8” Hometown/High School: West Vancouver / Sentinel
No.: 8 Jodi Skeels full bio Jodi Skeels Pos.: Right Side Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5’10” Hometown/High School: Clearbrook / M.E.I.
No.: 10 Kara Loy full bio Kara Loy Pos.: Setter Yr.: 3 Ht.: 5’8” Hometown/High School: North Vancouver / Argyle
No.: 12 Meghan Thompson full bio Meghan Thompson Pos.: Middle Yr.: 4 Ht.: 6’0” Hometown/High School: West Vancouver / West Vancouver
No.: 14 Dana Rudd full bio Dana Rudd Pos.: Middle Yr.: 1 Ht.: 6’2” Hometown/High School: Burnaby / Cariboo Hill