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2005-06 Capilano Blues Women's Volleyball Roster

Yr. Ht. Hometown/High School
No.: 1 Kathleen Mahannah full bio Kathleen Mahannah Pos.: S/RS Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'11" Hometown/High School: North Vancouver / Argyle
No.: 2 Tracy Wong full bio Tracy Wong Pos.: DS/S Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'6" Hometown/High School: Vancouver / Vancouver Technical
No.: 3 Jennifer Dickson full bio Jennifer Dickson Pos.: P/RS Yr.: 3 Ht.: 5'10" Hometown/High School: Port Coquitlam / Riverside
No.: 4 Erin Cienciala full bio Erin Cienciala Pos.: L/RS Yr.: 3 Ht.: 5'9" Hometown/High School: Prince George / Duchess Park
No.: 5 Michelle Alblas full bio Michelle Alblas Pos.: Setter Yr.: 4 Ht.: 5'7" Hometown/High School: Richmond / Cambie
No.: 6 Briar Davis full bio Briar Davis Pos.: S/DS Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5’6” Hometown/High School: North Vancouver / Handsworth
No.: 7 Sarah Urton full bio Sarah Urton Pos.: M Yr.: 1 Ht.: 6'2" Hometown/High School: Vancouver / Crofton House
No.: 8 Caitie Churchill full bio Caitie Churchill Pos.: M Yr.: 2 Ht.: 6'2" Hometown/High School: Burnaby / Burnaby Central
No.: 9 Cassie Pentland full bio Cassie Pentland Pos.: P/M Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'11" Hometown/High School: North Vancouver / Windsor
No.: 10 Alex Miller full bio Alex Miller Pos.: P/DS Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'5" Hometown/High School: Prince George / Prince George
No.: 11 Arianna Torabian full bio Arianna Torabian Pos.: M/P Yr.: 1 Ht.: 6'0” Hometown/High School: White Rock / Elgin Park
No.: 15 Anita Milkovich full bio Anita Milkovich Pos.: M/RS Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5'10" Hometown/High School: Vancouver / Notre Dame